Is Your Website Converting Visitors Into Paying Customers?

Whilst SEO processes drive targeted traffic to your website, conversion rate optimisation (CRO) converts these visitors into sales. This of course is your main aim and should be one of your main focus points when organising the marketing of your website. SEO does a great job of promoting your site and presenting it to those who are searching for your type of service. CRO is essential to ensuring that visitors are persuaded and encouraged to go that step further to buy your products or services. Without CRO your website is just a website that many people visit. Whilst this may be great for your web traffic reports, financially it is bad news for your business.

In an ideal world all visitors to your website would be in the right mood to make a purchase and you would be laughing all the way to the bank. In the real world visitors are very fickle and if they don’t find what they need immediately at the right price they are very likely to flit off to another site. Don’t let your competition win your customers over when a few tweaks to your website could be all that is required to ensure you get the business. It can be quite hard to monitor visitor behaviour, but tools such as Google Analytics can help you to see the pages that were visited and at what point a visitor left your site. This can be very useful to your CRO campaign helping to ensure specific pages are optimised to encourage visitors to stick around to make a sale.

It is natural for some visitors to leave your site seconds after they arrive. The reason could be something very simple that they didn’t like. Some users will leave a site if they don’t like the layout or even the colours used and some may have landed on your site by mistake. Many will be looking for something specific which may not exist on your site and others may think your prices are too high. Don’t waste time trying to second guess the reasons as you will be mostly wasting your time. Focus on the positive and look at what pages are making visitors stick around and at which point most make a purchase. This will help you to optimise all of your pages so that they give you the same positive results.

There are many factors on your website that can all work towards persuading visitors to stick around. Try to remember that you won’t please everybody, but you can please most by optimising certain elements of your site so that it works for you and attracts and retains visits. You may need to improve the layout, the content, the images and the availability of special offers. If you are unsure on which elements need improvement a good idea is to hire the services of an SEO and CRO professional. They will be able to spot the problems immediately and make recommendations for effective improvements.

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