Do You Have a Link Building Strategy?

Link building is a method used to create inbound links to your website. Links help web users to find your site and also help the search engines to index and rank your site. In theory the more links you have linking back to your site the better, but they have to be high quality links. All of our link building strategies adopt an ethical link building practice where we build high quality links from authoritive website in related markets.

When you are looking to improve the rankings of your website and its exposure to your target market, link building is crucial. There are many ways to create links and quality definitely reigns over quantity in this instance. Google accounts for over 60% of all search engine queries and therefore it is a good idea to pay attention to the recommendations that Google gives to ensure successful link building.

The benefits of link building are huge. Not only will you experience more traffic, but your site will also be seen as a high quality and credible resource within your particular industry or market. If the thought of creating thousands of high quality links fills you with dread, this is a service that we can provide to you as part of a search engine optimisation strategy.

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