Is Your PPC Campaign Profitable?

Pay per click advertising is a very effective and immediate method of promoting your website, products and services. Advertising your website in this way allows you to reach Internet users who are actually interested in doing business with you and who are looking for your particular business. Pay per click delivers another method of raising your search engine rankings and your online profile.

The way pay per click works is that you bid on advertising space and pay each time your advert is clicked on by a web user. Adverts you pay for will appear on the search results pages presented to users when they run a search that is relevant to your business type. The great thing about this kind of advertising is that you only pay if your advert is accessed. The return on investment with pay per click can be very high and gives more flexibility than other advertising formats.

You can see how pay per click advertising works by entering any search query into one of the major search engines. When the results are returned you should notice a number of web adverts listed under the heading of “sponsor results” or “sponsored links” depending on the search engine that you used. Adverts are listed in a specific order and this relates to how much money the sponsor is paying for the advertising space. It stands to reason that the more you pay the more prominent your advert will be. Companies bid against each other to have their advert appear when a specific search string is entered and the highest bidder gets the top spot. You can bid on as many keywords or key phrases as you like, but remember that you will be charged each time your advert is clicked on so budget wisely. Adverts can be bought from pay per click suppliers, the majority of which are owned by Google and Yahoo. Google Adwords is the most popular of all the pay per click suppliers and will display results across Google, AOL, Ask Jeeves and other search engines.

Now, you may be wondering why you need to pay for advertising when you have fully implemented SEO across your site. Surely this should be doing enough for your online status, shouldn’t it? Pay per click traffic is targeted traffic that can offer high conversion rates than any other traffic you receive – if done properly. Pay per click advertising offers a very effective method of advertising and can bring a lot of interest to your site. By carefully choosing the keywords and key phrases you want to bid on you can achieve more sales and more targeted traffic for a relatively small outlay. Of course, the most popular keywords are more expensive and it is worth weighing up risk against return before you start bidding.

If your business is in a small niche without much competition it should be much easier to bid on and win the most popular keywords that are relevant to your business. Pay per click is another great way to promote your site and could bring thousands more customers to your door.

Drawbacks of running your own PPC campaign can result with huge advertising costs and little or no return. There is a science of learning which keywords are relevant and what your PPC advert should say. Your advert can be placed many times throughout the day everyday, receiving tons of clicks but without the sales on your site, this becomes a cost and not an investment you will generate a return with.

We are able to analyse your keywords, write highly optimised adverts, continuously tracking and testing things until we find out what works and what doesn’t. This process will continue until your optimum performance levels out.

Call us today on 0844 855 3215 to speak us at Essex SEO to discuss how your business with an immediately effective PPC campaign.

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